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Time Tracking
Video call
3D Office

Thanks to the customizable boards you can create your tasks, share them with your team members and assign the priority level, the deadline and much more.

Thanks to the time tracking tool you can measure the performance of the whole team and discover how long it takes to complete a task.

Keep in touch with your team at any time to optimize collaborative work: talk with them on the general chat, choose a person to chat in private with or type within the chat related to a particular task.

Start video calls with a click: you can plan group or one-to-one meetings to meet your team and set the next goals.

Your 3D office, like you never imagined it. Create your own avatar and enter the office: you can chat, start video calls, plan meetings with your teams or with your clients, and so much more!

With Coderblock online configuration management software you can create the virtual spaces of your office, customize your avatar, plan events within your 3D office and bring out the very best of your virtual experience.

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An innovative shared working space to manage your digital collaborations.

Your virtual office awaits.

Choose the plan that best suits your needs or for a tailor-made solution.

Basic Office

Up to 60€/per month

Up to 20 people simultaneously
Small size office
Up to 3 board’s sponsorships

Premium Office

Up to 60€/per month

Up to 40 people simultaneously
Medium size office
Up to 5 board’s sponsorships

Enterprise Office

Up to 60€/per month

Up to 100 people simultaneously
Large size office
Up to 5 board’s sponsorships

Who talks about us

The success stories of those who decided
to explore new virtual worlds with Coderblock.

Fabio Francesco Franco

Ci interessa fare le cose per bene, quindi abbiamo scelto Coderblock per creare il nostro studio virtuale che ci ha consentito di vivere una esperienza coinvolgente e di valore per tutte le persone e le aziende che abbiamo invitato.

Patrizia Cangialosi

Con Coderblock, noi di P&G abbiamo deciso di offrire agli studenti un'esperienza interattiva, più che una presentazione frontale, proiettandoli in un ambiente virtuale dove possono trovare molte informazioni in più sull'azienda. (...) i feedback dei ragazzi sono stati entusiastici, anche per la possibità di rimanere a chattare con noi dopo l'evento.

Stefano De Carlo

For those who are oriented to enterprise automation like us, it is essential to have a tool for productivity. A way and an additional tool to be a real king or queen. And then, have you seen how beautiful the office is? 😊

Fabio Zecchini

A new approach to remote working. The idea of the 3D office makes the team more involved and increases productivity in everyday work. The other features help you avoid 10 different tools, making you free to work on the move. Well done! 👍

Susanna Mendicino

The Coderblock experience was great! The virtual environment besides being aesthetically very attractive it has proved to be intuitive and user friendly.

Andrea Scravaglieri

Coderblok is a new way to live an event. It’s not an alternative but an additional experiential marketing tool to reach new targets thanks to gamification.

Chiara Padua

Coderblock team is attentive to the needs of the customer and makes you feel safe!

Giuliano Caggiano

Più che l'esperienza virtuale e aumentata ho molto apprezzato la vicinanza umana e professionale del Team Coderblock.

Daniele Capogna

Con la vostra piattaforma abbiamo reso possibile collegare scuole e studenti di tutta Italia in modo semplice, assicurando a tutti la possibilità di usufruire dei nostri percorsi di green education in autonomia e in maniera coinvolgente. Ottimo lavoro.

Alessandro Gargamelli

La mia esperienza in Coderblock è stata fuori di testa, ho cambiato modalità di lavoro, rendendolo ancora più smart, l'organizzazione di eventi, appuntamenti presso il mio Polo Tecnolgico è stata un cambiamento a mio avviso epocale. Grazie Coderblock!

No limits

Are you looking for a tailor-made experience to create your virtual office?


How much it costs?

The pricing depends on the office size: use our configurator to choose the solution that best suits your needs.

How many users does it support?

The number of users changes according to the subscription plan: with the Basic plan you can host up to 20 team members; with the Premium plan you can host up to 40 team members; with the Enterprise plan you can host up to 100 team members.

What can I do in my office?

In your office you can customize your avatar, move around from one room to another to plan meetings with your team, start video calls, share your screen and plan company events.

Can I invite external guests to my office?

Sure, you can invite guests to your office, but they will have to be counted in your subscription plan. Guests won’t have access to features and private information (tasks etc.) but only to the 3D office.

How to use the boards?

Kanban boards are very useful to set the next goals of the team. Create a new card and insert the title, a short description and an extended one. In task details you can decide to assign it to a team member, you can set the priority and the deadline.

What is time tracking useful for?

The time tracking is a timer that helps you understand how long it takes you to complete a task. You can choose whether to keep this information confidential for a personal report or share it with your team.

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The success stories of those who decided
to explore new virtual worlds with Coderblock.

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